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pan Torrelavega

Torrelavega Bread / Pan de Torrelavega

In this summary  i would like to tell you about the development of our bread. As in the case of our cheese, our bread is a modified food that includes some spices with the objective to reduce the cardiovascular and the metabolic risk. For this reason, our bread has been added oat, cinnamon, nuts etc… […]

Lunes a Viernes
Mañanas de 10:00h. a 13:30h.
tarde de 16:30h. a 20:00h.
C/ Uría 38, 4ºA, Oviedo-Asturias
C/ González Abarca 6, 2ºB, Avilés-Asturias
C/ Saavedra 4, Oficina 26, Gijón-Asturias
C/ Dr. Esquerdo, 105, 28007 -Madrid
C/ Londres, 28, Tercera planta -Barcelona
985 223 484

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