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About yoghurt

Yoghurt is a product obtained from milk fermentation with addition of some bacteria cultures. There have been references of yoghurt since Neolitic period and it is possible that the original idea was to preserve the properties of the milk for long time.

The yoghurt profile is more or less similar to the one of milk.

Yoghurt is reach in bioavility calcium, potassium, phosphorus, group B vitamins, high quality proteins etc…

Besides, the consumption provides some age groups with the daily nutritional requirements and dairy products consumption is linked to a more quality diet.

Furthermore, the intake of this dairy permits to obtain some benefits for our health. There is enough evidence to say that the daily consumption of this milky can prevent some pathologies such as diabetes type 2, inflammatory bowel disease and can reduce the cardiovascular risk.

In addition yoghurt can be used in diarrhoea and in lactose intolerance because can be tolerated. Yoghurt can be useful in an irritable bowel disease.

This dairy is reach in probiotic and it is related with some healthy properties. Besides, yoghurt can stimulate the immune System and it can help to prevent some important pathologies as allergy and cancer.

In the future I think that there will be a big job in this field and in the markets there will be a lot of varieties of yoghurt. It is possible that one day some probiotics will be genetically modified to make some specific acts.

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