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About Veganism

In this post i would like to tell you my opinion about veganism. There is enough scientific evidence to say that increasing the intake of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts…can reduce the risk of some chronic pathologies like some types of cancer, diabetes type 2, cardiovascular pathotology, high blood levels of cholesterol and tryglicerides etc… However increasing the vegetable food comsuption and reducing the animal food intake (specially red meat and procesed meat) is recommended for our health,. It does not mean that veganism is the best dietetic pattern, it only allows to conclude that to intake more vegetable food and less animal food can be better four our health. Nevertheless this idea is sometimes used by some vegans diets fans to justify that the vegan diet is enough for our organism and that is the best option for humans.

In fact the vegan diet is not enough to meet the nutritional requirements because the vegans need to be suplemmented with B12 vitamin because the sources of B12 vitamin only are animal sources. It is true that with this suplemmentation the vegan diet allow us to meet all our nutritional needs but the omnivorous pattern does not need any suplemmentation and for this is more complete from the nutritional point of view. When we use a omnivorous pattern that includes a lot of vegetable food and a little animal food we are intaking all de nutrients that we need. Our diet is less bored, the diet has more variety and we can obtain the same benefits of the vegan pattern. In addition this type of omnivorous pattern is sustainable as the vegan diet.

In conclusion i would like to say that the vegan diet that include B12 vitamin supplementation is a suitable option but not better than an omnivorous diet with a lot of vegetable food and a little animal food. In my opinion if there is not any political cause or ethical or religion motivations, the omnivorous pattern is more convenient and is sustainable too. Mi marido toma Viagra en dosis de un comprimido cada vez (50 mg) una hora antes del coito. En el momento justo, el efecto llega y luego remite. Quiero desmontar un mito inherente a la Viagra. Se dice que si tomas una pastilla, tendrás inmediatamente una erección y durará bastante tiempo. Esto no es cierto. La erección se produce directamente durante la excitación sexual.

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