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The miracle diets

In this post i would like to talk about the miracle diets that are usually carried out after Christmas. It is usual that during this dates the people gain some kilogramos and increase their body fat. After this period, the people want to lose this weight quickly but it is not a good idea because when we try to lose a lot of kilos in a short time it is more probable that in the future we gain this weigh again. For this reason i suggest that the rhythm of weight loss should be from 0,5 kilos to 1 kilo per week. Also, this is the recomendation of the World Health Organization. With this rhythm of loss there will not be rebound effect or any risk for our health.

The most of the miracle diets usually prohibit the sources of carbohydrates like bread, grains, legumes… and promote the intake of sources of protein like meat, fish, eggs…asocciated with vegetables. In other times or in addition to this situation most of these type of diets are very low in calories. This dietetic model is not good and can be dangerous beacause includes a lot of animal protein and some investigations have asocciated the high intake of animal protein with the increase of some types of cancer and with other pathologies.

The scientific evidence suggest that we need to comsume a lot of fruit and vegetables but there is also enought evidence to suggest that increasing the intake of whole grains, nuts and legumes that are the type of food that limit the miracles diets is healthy. For this reason in my opinion the best guide for us to use as reference is the food pyramid. The pyramid tells us how we have to eat. Whit this reference we can know the frecuency of the intake of the different food groups and how much intake per group. The priority of the pyramid is the grains and vegetables and fruit but the pyramid does not differenciate between whole grains and refined grains and the effect for our health is very different. As an alternative to the pyramid some Nutritionist prefer myplate that is a infographics of a plate that explains how our daily intake should be.

My recommendation is always to choose a health profesional.

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