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Mar 10
gut microbiota

About the gut microbiota

In this post, i would like to talk about the gut microbiota. The gut microbiota has been linked with a lot of issues  of our heath such as neurocognitive pathologies like Parkinson or Alzheimer and cardiovascular and metabolic pathologies. The gut microbiota has linked too with the immune system and with the risk of some types of cancer among other things.


The type of food that we intake influences the gut microbiota, for this reason our nutrition can modify the gut microbiota and can prevent some pathologies or has advantages for our organism.

Now we only know about 40% of the gut microbiota. It is not still a lot of information but there is are a lot of current research and it is possible that in the near future there will be more evidence that could give us personalized advice about what to eat to acquire healthy  gut microbiota.

Some investigations have concluded that if we modify the gut microbiota we can obtain weight loss and better glucose control among other things. Even there are some investigations with fecal transplantation that have had promising results.

In conclusion we can think that there are is interesting field of work about this issue and the best  proof of this, it is that the funding of the researchs about gut microbiota has been increased every year.

Now we have to wait the next results, and in the meantime we have to remember that the advice for the people to acquire a better gut microbiota involves increasing the consumption of fruit, vegetables, whole grain, legumes, nuts and fermented dairy products such as a sugar free natural yoghurt. The increase of the consumption of red meat, processed meat and refined food is not good for our microbiota and neither for our health.

This saturday and sunday I will stay in Paris in a Word Summit about gut microbiota.


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