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About blue fish

In this post i would like to talk about the blue fish. It is recommeded to consume fish several times per week , bouth white fish and blue fish. The fish is a good source of a high quiality protein and is a good source of group B vitamins and some minerals like oiodo or phosphorus. The white fish contains a few levels of fat and its energy value is low. Evey week it is recommended to intake blue fish. The blue fish is the best source of long chain fatty acid omega 3. The intake of omega 3 fatty acid has been suggested to reduce the blood cholesterol levels and tryglicerides, and some current researches have suggested that it could have some importance in the prevention of some types of cancer and in a inmune system modulation. In addition, the omega 3 has an antinflammatory function and for this reason it is sometimes recommended to increase the intake of omega 3 in people that practice exersice because they have a muscle damage and in people that suffer some inflammatory pathology like arthitris, osteoarthritis…It is possible that the reason for this antinflamatory effect is the modulation of eicosanoids. Furthermore the scientific evidence linked the high intake of blue fish with a reduction of the risk of cardiovascular pathology and it is possible that it could be effective to reduce the cardiometabolic risk.

In conclusion i would like to recommend to increase the intake of blue fish and the importance of including blue fish in our diet every week.

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