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Feb 13

About the sources of antioxidants

There is a lot of evidence that links a diet rich in antioxidants with differents phisiological benefits in our organism. For this reason in the past some investigators propòsed that including antioxidants supplements in our diet can be positive to prevent some crhonic pathologies like cancer, cardiovascular deseases, diabetes type 2 etc… Nevertheless some investigations have proved that not only the antioxidants supplements are not efective to prevent chronic deseases but can also be dangerous because it is possible that they increase, among other things, the frecuence of some types o cancer…

However when we increase the comsuption of vegetables and fruits, there are adventages for our organism. The reason could be that fruits and vegetables not only contains antioxidants substances they are also rich in other ingredientes such as fiber, minerals, vitamins, pigments… that may have synergetic effect and for this, this strategy should be our preference. It means that we have to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and not to intake supplements.

To finish we can conclude that the daily intake of antioxidants is very important for our health but only when the sources of these are vegetables and fruits, if we choose as sources of antioxidant supplements it is possible that we are making a mistake and we could increase the risk of some pathologies

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